In A Winter Landscape

Program Notes
In a Winter Landscape was commissioned by Peter Sheridan and completed in 2011. It is an introspective composition intended to convey an austere Winter landscape, after a powerful storm. The storm, having cleared out the old growth, has made room for new life.

Biographical Sketch
Madelyn Byrne is an active composer of both acoustic and computer music. Her music frequently combines acoustic instruments with computer-generated sounds. Some compositions in this area include First Flight, Early Spring (commissioned by Peter Sheridan), For ANWR (commissioned by Yoon Jeong Heo), and Dream Tableaux (commissioned by Colin McAllister).

Madelyn's music has been performed on a wide range of new music festivals and recorded on CRI (New World), Innova, Everglade Records, and MOVE Records. She has also been a guest composer at Columbia University’s Computer Music Center. Madelyn is currently on the faculty of Palomar College.