Life 6

Program Notes
In Life 6, a short musical fragment is played back and recorded through a low resolution speaker and external microphone. The resultant recording is then played back and recorded again. As the process is repeated, cumulative audio degradation continues until a final recording is obtained that contains no audio.

Electroacoustic composer Ben Luca Robertson called Life 6 "deconstructive of the [late] 20th and [early] 21st centuries." The quantization inherent in digital sampling sanitizes sound; at the same time, digital tools allow for unprecedented editing and error correction. But in stripping away errors, do we also strip away something valuable?

Life 6 is as much a process as it is a single piece of music. By varying the recording parameters and original fragment, many different versions and performances are possible. In this performance, the source material was derived from an original electronic piece in the style of 8-bit video games. This content was sped up, reversed, played back through external laptop speakers, and recorded via the laptop's onboard microphone. This process allows allows a single fragment to grow infinitely and organically. The artifacts become the music.

Biographical Sketch
Davis Hill is a composer, jazz pianist, and multi-instrumentalist. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Eastern Washington University, where he studied algorithmic and electroacoustic composition with Jonathan Middleton and Ben Luca Robertson.

Davis maintains a private music studio in the Spokane, WA area. He is a scholar of ancient Greece, especially ancient Greek music, and is also a writer. In addition to multiple side projects, Davis is currently exploring the application of electroacoustics to the jazz idiom.

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