dilation ( Flutescape II )

Program Notes
The Flutescape series reflects my fascination with the ethereal nature of processed flute sounds devoid of their source and manipulated in space. I produce all of the vocal and flute sounds used in these pieces myself, which gives each a distinct physical connection to a performer despite its distant electroacoustic medium. As the second installment in my Flutescape set, “dilation” explores time through nonlinear development of intertwined narrative voices.

Biographical Sketch
Elise Roy is an active flutist, improvisor, and composer who strives to find a unique and modern voice for the flute, which is ultimately the source of her musical expression in all of her various roles. As a performer-composer, Elise is fascinated in expanding the expressive possibilities of the flute -- often through the novel convergence of extended techniques and electroacoustics. She currently studies in the D.M.A. program in contemporary music at Bowling Green State University. Elise also holds degrees from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and California Institute of the Arts.