Relentless Spasms of Restrained Serenity

Program Notes
Relentless Spasms of Restrained Serenity is a collage of found-video and found-recorded-sound. Using a diverse set of samples from disparate sources, the piece forges found-object amalgamations not to achieve juxtapositions, but rather to meld the elements together into new and unique multimedia entities. In these gestalts, the sound and video exist in unity, as a single form communicating a single idea.

The mediums of sound and video are bound together by a shared emphasis on simultaneity, maximal detail, and the edge of perception. The samples are densely layered, saturating the viewer’s cognitive limits, and sublimating the individual identities of the samples into the emergent identity of the gestalt. The rhythms are a counterpoint of flashing, impulsive fluctuations threaded together by the despotic consistency of line and theme. This transpires within a narrative form that is utterly linear and must be experienced from start to finish.

Biographical Sketch
Zach Kurth-Nelson (legal name: Zach Duer) is an educator, media artist, programmer, singer. He holds an MA in Music Composition from Mills College, a BM in Composition from Minnesota State University Moorhead, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Kinetic Imaging from Virginia Commonwealth University.