Phase Change

Program Notes
This piece is inspired by the three phases of water: air, liquid, and solid. The oboist begins the piece without the reed in place and only the sound of air through the instrument. An atmospheric exploration with timbral trills leads to "condensation," in which droplets begin to form and eventually give way to a flowing stream. The final section "freezes" the music into a stark, frozen texture of glacial multiphonics and fractured melodic lines, like shards of ice. Many melodic motives in the piece come from a three-note pitch set which is inspired by the shape of the water molecule itself.

Biographical Sketch
Jason Charney writes music for voice and orchestral instruments as
well as electroacoustic and interactive media, often combining them.
His music often incorporates both concert and popular idioms,
addressing the intersection of the arts, science, and participatory

Jason is the recipient of the Allen Strange Award from SEAMUS, a Hatz
Special Recognition Award from the National Federation of Music Clubs,
an Octarium “Art Local” commission, and has twice been a finalist for
an ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award.

Jason completed a degree in composition and theory at the University
of Kansas, where he studied with Forrest Pierce and Kip Haaheim, receiving the Cius
Award for Outstanding Student Composer, the Mattila Award for
Outstanding Electronic Music Composer, and the Brosseau Creativity
Award from the Spencer Museum of Art. He studies with Elainie Lillios at Bowling Green State University.