Program Notes
The basso# project, for double bass and computer, is an evolving structured improvisation that combines extended double bass techniques and real-time computer processing and synthesis. The performer uses the double bass as sound source, and interacts with the computer via touch-pad controller to engage in a variety of processing techniques. The result is intended to be visceral, expressive, and intimate. Each performance is unique, and therefore is numbered as such – basso1, basso2, etc. In the recent past, performances of basso have ranged in duration from 5 to 45 minutes, and have included video media and dance.

Biographical Sketch
Brad Decker’s music focuses on the concept of interaction, and each work does so in a unique way (i.e. performer/composer interactivity; combining eras of technology; exploring disparate gestures and timbres; juxtaposing spaces and architectural ratios; etc.). His music has been performed in Australia, Italy, France, Brazil, and Canada, as well as at numerous festivals in the United States. As a teacher, he stresses positive, creative exploration, and refined clarity of expression. Dr. Decker received his DMA in music composition from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is currently Instructor of music composition at Eastern Illinois University.

Performer Biographical Sketch
Same as composer's.