Soundscape for Viola and Electronics

Program Notes
Soundscape for Viola and Electronics was originally composed for Violinist Jane Capistran. The work is built from three contrasting yet related soundworlds that slowly evolve over time. The piece culminates in a textural climax comprised of elements from all three soundworlds, which occur together only briefly. The work comes to a close with a faint recollection of the opening material.

Biographical Sketch
Carter John Rice, a native of Minot, North Dakota, is a composer of new music in both the acoustic and electroacoustic realms. Rice earned his Master’s Degree from Bowling Green State University where he studied electroacoustic composition with Elainie Lillios. Prior to attending Bowling Green, Carter completed his undergraduate degree in music composition from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Rice’s music is largely concerned with the notion of creating cohesive and contrasting soundworlds that slowly generate and expel sonic energy over time. Carter is active as a composer in the United State and abroad. His music has been featured at the Soundscape Festival in Italy, Electronic Music Midwest, and the National Student Electronic Music Event.

Performer Biographical Sketch
Kalindi holds an undergraduate degree in performance with academic honors from the New England Conservatory of Music and a master’s degree in performance from the Pennsylvania State University. She has studied with David Holland, Martha Strongin Katz, and Timothy Deighton. She has performed in master classes for Karen Ritscher, Heidi Castleman, Dimitri Murrath, Paul Neubauer, Sheila Browne, and Erika Eckert. She is currently pursuing a DMA in contemporary music specializing in performance at Bowling Green State University studying with Matthew Daline.