Program Notes
Tidal, for piano and fixed media, is based upon the natural harmonic series beginning on a low C (32.7 Hz). Inspired by Schenkerian analysis, I created a set of triads out of this series and ordered them based on the difference tones they create. Thus, the subtle, background tones form a large scale tonal progression, while the surface chords are sometimes seemingly unrelated. The tape part constantly moves between just intonation and equal temperament while the piano plays figurations that allude to classical sonatas. The overall form and the surface gestures expand and contract, like tidal motion and surface waves.

Biographical Sketch
Adam Scott Neal (b. 1981, Atlanta) is a composer whose work embraces a range of artistic engagement including acoustic and electroacoustic composition, video, electronics tinkering, and improvisation. He is a PhD fellow at the University of Florida, where he studies with James Paul Sain, Paul Koonce, and Paul Richards. Previously, Adam studied with Robert Scott Thompson at Georgia State University, earning a BM in music technology and an MM in composition. Following this, he earned an MA in sonic arts from Queen's University Belfast, where he studied with Pedro Rebelo.

Adam has enjoyed over 100 performances of his music in 20 states, as well as the UK, Canada, China, Italy, Slovenia, and Switzerland. His music has appeared on the following festivals, among others: June in Buffalo, soundSCAPE, New York Electroacoustic Music Festival, Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium, Harvest Moon, and Electronic Music Midwest. He has organized numerous contemporary music concerts in academic and non-academic settings, including those for Atlanta-based Terminus Ensemble, of which he is Co-Artistic Director.