Audible Desserts

Program Notes
I enjoy listening to people speak. The way they enunciate, the way some words melt right into the next, and how the voice emotively crescendos and decrescendos. But one of my favorites has always been the sounds people make in between their words. A single paragraph of spoken dialogue can contain countless pops, smacks, and whistles. It is interesting how some speakers us this element of speech to emphasize and communicate. For me there’s a small sense of disappointment any time a speaker pauses and then resumes his thought without a single sound in between. There are two reasons I wanted to title the piece Audible Desserts. First, the pleasure I receive from such sounds is the same feeling I get when a waiter unveils a delicious dessert at my table, a feeling of excitement and anticipation. Secondly, these sounds make up the minority of a person’s speech, and arguably are not as important as what they are actually saying (depending on who you are talking to, of course). If the content of the speakers’ words can be viewed as the entrée, then I believe these delightful sounds could be considered the dessert. Bon appetit!

Biographical Sketch
Joshua Tomlinson is working on his Master's degree in Music Theory and Composition at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. In addition to his studies at ECU, Joshua teaches beginner theory courses, assists with the university's recording studio, and works in the music library. After graduating in spring of 2014, he plans to pursue a doctorate in Composition with an emphasis in electronic music. When he's not composing, Joshua loves to surf, dive, and travel with his wife.