e poi, solo sfiorandole

Program Notes
"e poi, solo sfiorandole" was inspired by the music of Sofia Gubaudulina. One of Gubaudulina's recurring motives is the interval of a half step, which in this piece serves as the germinal material for the entire work.
The live electronics use a combination of pre-recorded samples, ring modulation, delays, pitch shifting, and amplitude modulation. The title refers to the act of touching the strings so softly that they are barely heard, the gesture becoming "louder" than the actual sound.

Biographical Sketch
Federico Bonacossa graduated from the University of Miami in 2009 where he completed a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Classical Guitar Performance on a full scholarship. In addition to studying guitar, he took composition lessons with Lansing McLoskey, Dennis Kam. Federico also holds a Masters degree in Guitar Performance from the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, and a diploma from the Conservatorio Statale Pierluigi da Palestrina in Cagliari, Italy.
Recent performances in which he was featured as a guitarist and or as a composer include concerts for the Society of Composers Inc., the Miami International Guitar Festival, Guitar Sarasota, the Miami Bach Society, MDC on Stage Series, the State College of Florida, WLRN, the Scuola Civica di Musica in Olbia, Italy, the Sephardic Jewish Synagogue in Lima Peru, the Miami World Music Festival, 12 Nights Electro-Acoustic Series, Kendall Sound Arts, and the conContemplum Symposium in Philadelphia. He has also collaborated with Dance Now! Miami writing the original music for Six Characters, which was performed for two consecutive seasons at the Colony Theater in Miami Beach, and for the Ekphrasis project which took place at the Bass Museum of Art. He is currently working on a third commission for Dance Now! Miami.

Performer Biographical Sketch
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