Summer Phantoms: Nocturne

Program Notes
Summer Phantoms: Nocturne was composed during 2010-11 for pianist Jeri-Mae Astolfi, and is recorded on her CD Here (and there) (Innova 846), 2013.

Phantom -

- something apparent to sense but with no substantial existence; as an apparition

- representation of something abstract, ideal, or incorporeal

Referential archetypical symbols include: phantom (akin to shadow), representing the creativity that we don't realize we already have; night and the night journey as the search for self; and the summer season as a time of life and abundance.

The piano music was composed first (mostly on flights to music festivals and touring gigs, an environment that I find most relaxing and conducive for composing - also, I was without a computer for over three months), with marginal annotations for the electronics. All of the electronics are processed piano sounds (string scrapes, hand dampened tones, soundboard strikes, and a few isolated tones - which I performed and recorded), and are constructed as a running commentary to the piano music. Analysis/resynthesis algorithms include Spectral Analysis, Sum of Sines (SOS), and Time Alignment Utility (Tau), plus additional stochastic algorithms using my COMP2 suite of tools, all operating within Kyma.

Biographical Sketch
Brian Belet lives in Campbell, California, with his partner and wife Marianne Bickett. Here he composes, hikes, and tends to his fruit trees and roses. He performs with SoundProof (Patricia Strange, violin, and Stephen Ruppenthal, trumpet/flugelhorn). To finance this real world he works as Professor of Music at San Jose State University.