Having a Ball, See You Soon

Program Notes
I view this piece as a set of simple portraits. The goal was to capture and share the personalities of several different types of balls. While the source material came from twenty-one balls ranging from ping-pong balls to basketballs, considerations for length only allowed featuring a handful of these. However, the way all of the material came together as a sort of chorus was truly delightful to play with. Hopefully, you will enjoy the material as much as I did.

Biographical Sketch
Composer and sound designer M. Anthony (Tony) Reimer is interested in investigating the inherent contrasts, tensions, and expectations of intimate everyday sounds in ways that invite the audience to appreciate them not as ordinary everyday noise, but as transcendent objects worthy of thoughtful attention.

Reimer’s concert music has garnered performances across the country and at festivals such as Electronic Music Midwest, the Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, and the national conference of the Society of Electro Acoustic Musicians in the United States.

Outside the concert hall, his work extends into a wide variety of domains including theatre, film, video games, and interactive experiences. It is perhaps in these collaborative efforts that Reimer finds his greatest pleasure.

A veteran of professional theatre with over 20 years experience, Reimer has composed music and designed sound effects for close to 200 productions across the United States and abroad. While based in Miami, FL, he earned multiple nominations and twice won the Carbonell award for Best Sound Design, South Florida’s version of the “Tony”.

For over 15 years, Reimer has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with Coral Gables’ New Theatre and artistic directors Rafael DeAcha and Ricky Martinez. Included among the 30+ productions Reimer has composed and designed for at New Theatre are several world premieres and over a dozen productions of Shakespeare’s works that have become a staple of their summer season. A highlight of his relationship with “the New” came when he served as composer and sound designer for the world premiere of Nilo Cruz’s Anna in the Tropics, the play that won the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Reimer also enjoyed an extended relationship with Playmakers Repertory Company(PRC) in Chapel Hill, NC. In over six years with the top-tier regional theatre, Reimer composed music and designed sound for over 20 shows at PRC working with notable directors such as David Hammond, Mark Wing-Davey, Jeff Hayden, and Gene Saks.

Since 2007, Reimer has worked with Chicago’s Organic Theatre Company on over 20 productions and continues to freelance with a variety of other companies across the country.

In the domain of film, Reimer got his start in 1999 with a short that appeared at the Miami Jewish Film Festival entitled The Wandering Jew. Since then, he has collaborated with Vancouver’s Black Forest Productions Company on a number of projects including the action/adventure web series entitled Libelle. Other recent work includes a sound design/score for a set of short documentary films examining the state of food production in Illinois and the score for a feature named The $30,000 Bequest.

In recent years, designing sound effects and writing music for video games and interactive experiences has become a passion of Reimer’s. For four years, he served as the audio director and composer for Mutiny Games, an independent game company producing innovative titles for PCs and mobile platforms. Reimer has also designed and implemented several solo and collaborative interactive art installations and data sonification projects presented at the Krannert Art Museum and the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts in Champaign-Urbana, IL.

Reimer has served as a researcher at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications for projects that aid in collaborative efforts between artists. These have included a generalized framework for the development of multi-user virtual worlds and support for telematic performances. His personal research is in the domain of investigating computer models of creativity using machine learning. He is also the backend programmer and database administrator for the Society of Composers, Inc. website and consults on a number of non-profit websites.

Additionally, Tony is the founding technical director of PizzaFM, a student-run, non-commercial, free-form internet radio station operating out of Allen Hall at the University of Illinois. He is also the DJ for Toneguy's Terrifically Tall Tales on Monday night's at 10p CT, if you care to sample any of his fiction.

In any spare time he has left, Reimer enjoys the arts of bread-making and candy-making. In the same way that ordinary, common sounds inspire his artistic output, the process of turning combinations of everyday ingredients such as flour, sugar, and water into new concoctions is endlessly fascinating to him.