X Marks the Sirens

Program Notes
X Marks the Sirens was written for and dedicated to mezzo-soprano, Katherine Crawford. This composition was completed in my home studio in July, 2013. My heartfelt thanks to acclaimed poet and my colleague, Jackie White, for supplying a beautiful text.

X Marks the Sirens by Jackie White

She was what she was
and she knew it.
Fate is often like that.
People don't change.

At the end of her DNA,
an added twist, vixen
gene, where it was
written: men will love

you but you can't
keep them; she took
blue & yellow to green
her colors, but they

saw only red. Her heart
became a shack
for bits of the dead
because the myths repeat

your body will sing
them toward you; their
bodies will break
against rock. A trickle

separates desire, love, or
so it is said. She goes on

crooning: I do not wear
the scent of flowers but flesh,
its musk draws in your animal,
into my hum-howled breath:

Sometimes you have to shut up;
unbelieve what you've read.

"X Marks the Sirens" from Beast Charmers Riddle is used with the permission of Jackie White. ©2013 by Jackie White

Biographical Sketch
Mike McFerron is professor of music and composer-in-residence at Lewis University and he is founder and co-director of Electronic Music Midwest (http://www.emmfestival.org). A past fellow of the MacDowell Colony, Ucross, June in Buffalo, and the Chamber Music Conference of the East/Composers’ Forum, honors include, among others, first prize in the Louisville Orchestra Composition Competition, first prize in the CANTUS commissioning/residency program, recipient of the 2005 CCF Abelson Vocal Music Commission, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s “First Hearing” Program. McFerron’s music can be heard on numerous commercial CDs as well as on his website at http://www.bigcomposer.com.