Constellations: Romeoville Mix

Program Notes
Constellations: Romeoville Mix is a layered mix of many one-minute ambient miniatures. Each miniature is named after a constellation and almost exclusively uses vocal samples from the voice of Robert Voisey. These miniatures are used like a sonic mobile which can be used in any order, layered on top of one another, with any subset, or repeated to create a new sonic “mix”. Each new mix is named after the venue which premiers the specific Constellation mix. This mix will use the 8 channel system at Electronic Music Midwest at Lewis University in Romeoville and will have the live vocal talents of Robert Voisey layered on top of the mix.

Biographical Sketch
Robert Voisey

“The word ‘viral,’ comes to mind as a trendy but disquietingly accurate image for Robert Voisey’s infectious enthusiasm. He is always ready to mutate and reinfect the process as indicated to maintain the highest degree of project fever” – Richard Arnest, Sounding Board

Composing electroacoustic and chamber music, his aesthetic oscillates from the Romantic to the Post Modern Mash-Up. Voisey’s electronic work ranges wildly in style and aesthetic but has the common feature of being collaborative and community orientated. Some of his current projects include: one minute electronic works for 60x60; 50 second miniatures named for each State in the Union; and Constellations, a project of miniature ambient pieces put together in a mobile form.

Rob Voisey’s neo-romantic chamber works are routinely performed in New York City on the Composer’s Voice concert series and his 10 minute opera was featured on “Opera Shorts” produced by the Remarkable Theater Brigade. His chamber works are routinely featured in New York on the Composer’s Voice concert series as well as other new music performances.

“With few opportunities and much competition,...composers show creativity in just getting heard.” And in Chris Pasles’s article in the Los Angeles Times, Robert Voisey is highlighted as one of those composers. His work has been performed in venues throughout the world including: Carnegie Hall, World Financial Center Winter Garden Atrium, and Stratford Circus in London. Voisey has been profiled and music broadcasted on HEC-TV public television in St Louis, Elektramusik in France, as well as radio stations all around the world including: Cityscape NPR St. Louis Public Radio; Arts & Answers & Art Waves on WKCR, Upbeat with Eva Radich on Radio New Zealand; and Kol Yisrael Israeli Radio. Rob Voisey embraces a variety of media for his compositions, and pioneers new venues to disseminate his music and reach audiences around the world.

60x60 - Robert Voisey's idea and project 60x60 has been described as “mad” by the New York Times and publications around the world. Besides founding and directing 60x60, Voisey composes/curates the one hour “macro-compositions” consisting of 60 one minute works from different composers/sound artists. He has created over 25 one hour mixes which have been performed hundreds of times in more than 20 countries in performances, radio, and Television. His own 60 second miniatures have been included in several mixes including: “New York,” “Ursa Minor,” “Electric Trains,” “Sagittarius,” “tongues,” “We are all 60x60,” “ripples in sand,” and “Executive Decision.”

States - A post-modern project of Rob Voisey is his “States” project inspired by Jon Nelson’s 50/50. “States” is a collection of 50 second mash-ups consisting of sound collage, featuring post consumer audio. Voisey’s piece “Oregon” was selected and featured on the "50/50" CD release by Recombinations/mnartists 2010 with 49 other DJ’s composers, and sound artists. “New York,” another miniature from the “States” project, is part of the 60x60 (2010) International Mix and received debuts at London.’s Stratford Circus as well as in St Louis and Japan. The works “North Dakota,” “Oregon,” “Texas,” “West Virginia,” “Hawaii,” “Virginia,” “Maryland,” and “Illinois” all debuted in New York City on the Vox Novus “Club” concerts.

Constellations - Another collage project of Robert Voisey is “Constellations.” Each Constellation Mix uses a ‘mobile’ form comprising of one minute ambient miniatures which include the live and electronic manipulation of Robert Voisey’s voice. Consistent with mobile form each constellation mix changes with each performance and is titled for the venue where it was debuted: “Constellations No Extra Note Mix” was created for the No Extra Notes podcast by Richard Zarou; “Constellations USB MIX” premiered in Stony Brook University on Long Island, New York in 2009; “Constellations Composer’s Voice Mix” premiered on Composer’s Voice concert series In New York City; “Constellations Das Punk & Krooner Mix” was created for the Das Punk & Krooner podcast; “Constellations EMMMIX” was premiered at the Electronic Music Midwest festival Kansas City, Kansas in 2007; and the “Constellations TRANSreveLATION Mix” premiered at the TRANSreveLATION concert in New York City. Many of the ambient miniatures making up constellations have received their own performances: “Sagittarius” was included on the 60x60 project and was released on the 60x60 2006 CD and received performances and airplay around the world; “Ursa Major,” was selected for the 60x60 UnTwelve mix in 2010 with performances in Chicago, Istanbul, Kansas City and Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania; the miniatures “Orion,” “Ursa Major,” “Ursa Minor,” and “Cancer” received premiere performances in New York City on the Composer’s Voice concert series.