Piece for Snare Drum and Live Electronics

Program Notes
Several physicists have hypothesized existence of an extra dimension of this universe, and speculative theories about dimension of space have been introduced. The endeavor of physicists inspired me to think about an extra dimension of music. In this piece, I tried to create an additional dimension that might be conceptually abstract using a live video camera and four channel sounds as the extra dimensions. Effects of the live video could produce another potential dimension.

Biographical Sketch
Yemin Oh is a Korean composer who is always looking for fascinating and captivating music. He graduated from Kyung hee university in Seoul with a Bachelor’s degree of Music Composition in 2002. After he was awarded some prizes in various music competitions at the end of undergraduate degree, his curiosity of electronic sound was piqued. After graduating from Kyung hee university, he attended University of Hartford for a Graduate Professional Diploma of composition, and he got a Master’s degree of Music Technology at Georgia Southern University. Currently he is pursing a PhD in Experimental Music & Digital Media at Louisiana State University where he continues the search for fascinating electronic sources of sound for his music.