Program Notes
Imbroglio (2010) – 7m 23s, stereo fixed media

Imbroglio, from the Italian imbrogliare, meaning 'a confused mass' or 'a misunderstanding of a complicated or bitter nature', was created using a few sounds sampled from a pocket AM radio. The sounds were transformed using a variety of signal processing techniques, such as waveshaping, pitchshifting, delay, filtering, and reverberation, and combined so that the stereo field exhibits an obscurity between foreground and background information at various times throughout the piece.

Biographical Sketch
Born in Buffalo, NY, Andrew Babcock has been working in a variety of contexts with music and multimedia for over 10 years. After studying composition with Samuel Pellman at Hamilton College, he worked in New York City as a composer and sound designer for television, radio, and film. Andrew recently completed an MA in composition at the University at Buffalo, where he studied with Cort Lippe and Jeffrey Stadelman. Andrew’s main interests lie in acousmatic music and exploring the transformative potential of mundane sound materials and their ability to yield complex sonic associations and narrative structures. He was awarded first prize in the 2011 Sound in Space competition sponsored by Harvard University, Northeastern University, and the Goethe-Institut. His works have been featured internationally at festivals such as Sonorities, ICMC, NYCEMF, and SEAMUS. Andrew is currently working towards his PhD in composition at the University of Florida in Gainesville, studying with Paul Koonce, Paul Richards, and James Paul Sain.