Program Notes
Often the most interesting phenomena are found at the borders. The transition from night to day, the life stages between childhood and adulthood, the light as a storm is arriving or leaving – these are a few examples of the dynamism that can occur at the frontiers of two opposing states.

Ur explores the stylistic boundaries and intersections of music. Instrumental works, on the one hand, are often conceived through harmony and rhythm, where concrete compositions, on the other hand, often deal with gestures of sound mass. But where is the line drawn? Are not these various devices but accents of a single musical tongue, or like multi-lingual signposts on the road to Ur?

Ur was composed with the aid of custom algorithmic processes (coded in Grace Common Music and Supercollider), and realized in the Experimental Music Studios at the University of Illinois.

Biographical Sketch
The music of Halim Beere explores intersecting worlds, where ideas become blurred and the dissimilar are found to be one and the same. Raised in Eureka among the redwood forests of northern California, Beere received his Master’s in composition at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he continues as a doctoral student. In addition to writing chamber and concert music, he has composed for theatrical productions (The Five Dollar Show) and a feature length film (The Milk Can). The ARMAC orchestra commissioned and premiered Gambol for Orchestra at Carnegie Hall in 2009, the new music ensemble MEANS commissioned Traceless in 2010, and in 2011 the Chicago-based Belden Trio commissioned and premiered Rhubarb. Pangæa, his commissioned first symphony, received its world premiere in California in October of 2010. His compositions have been read by the JACK quartet and featured on concerts with the University of Illinois New Music Ensemble and Bang on a Can. As a composer of electro-acoustic and interactive computer music, his work was also featured at two SEAMUS national conferences, and has been included on Measures of Change, a recent CD release of electro-acoustic works by University of Illinois graduate composers. His primary undergraduate teachers were J. Brian Post and Cindy Moyer, and while in Illinois his teachers have included Mei-Fang Lin, Erik Lund, Stephen Taylor, Heinrich Taube, and Scott A. Wyatt.