Impression of Tibet

Program Notes
Tibet is a beautiful and pure paradise. The souls of Tibetans are like diamonds that don't need to be polished. Because of Tibet's environment and unique culture, Tibetans have their own special musical structures and unique ways of vocal pronunciation. Impression of Tibet uses a Tibetan female vocal sound as the basis for a real-time performance composition that describes the culture of Tibet.

Biographical Sketch
Hua Sun, an international graduate student from University of Oregon. Also, Hua is a member of FMO(Future Music Oregon). Hua has successfully performed his work in FMO concert at his first term in master program on March 2012 , and his music has been selected by Kyma International Sound Symposium. Hua hold Bachelor's degree from Xing Hai Conservatory of Music. During his undergraduate study, Hua hosted and performed the concert for graduate students in 2006 and 2009. His music which is composing for film has been awarded the Third Award for the 1st eARTS Digital Audio China Competition 2010(Shang Hai) and the Cuprum Award for National Computer Music Production 2008 (Guang Dong).