Within and Without

Program Notes
With a nod to Cage and Cowell, Within and Without features only sounds from the piano that do not involve actually playing the piano. This piece came to mind as I was giving dictation exercises and found myself alarmed with all the extraneous sounds I was making while I was playing: the creaky bench, the squeaky pedals, etc. I took these sounds that we normally do not notice or try to eliminate and created this piece.

Biographical Sketch
Andrew Walters was born in Topeka, Kansas but spent most of his beginning years in Farmington, Missouri. Walters has received degrees from Millikin University, Northern Illinois University, and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in composition from the University of Illinois. Walters’ music has been performed at various conferences throughout the United States and Canada including SEAMUS, SCI, ICMC, Spark, Imagine II, Electronic Music Midwest, Electroacoustic Juke Joint. His piece “Before Clocks Cease Their Chiming” was premiered by Duo Montagnard at the 2009 World Saxophone Congress in Bangkok, Thailand. His music appears on volume nine and sixteen of the “Music from SEAMUS” compact discs. Currently he is Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Music Technology at Mansfield University in Mansfield, Pennsylvania.