Micro Lumen 1

Program Notes
Light controls our life, and experiences during our whole life. As a artistic material light is very uniqe, it can change between extremities in the fraction of a second. The LED innovation makes not just more environmental friendly light, but also faster response times for switching light on/off compared to traditional light sources.

Micro Lumen use handheld LED lights to control musical events and gestures to create a soundscapes with light as the controller.

Biographical Sketch
Moneeo are a live-music, cross-culture multimedia experience on stage with innovative musical instruments you have never seen before. The combination of Culture, innovation and sound-art makes Moneeo to a really new kind of experience that cross the borders of different arts and genres.

Moneeo are the duo of 2 swedish sound artists, inventors and musicians that are creating their own music instruments made with new technology.

With materials like joysticks, webcams, gamecontrollers, sensors, computers with their homebrew softwares - mixed up with beautiful plastic tubes with LED lights, military left overs, and handcrafted wood objects with sensors the instruments looks like no other instruments.

Moneeo's concept is to create concerts and happenings that are a visually attractive, and very often lights and video projections are syncronised to make a futuristic experience.

Per Samuelsson, Born 1971
Per have been active in the music-scene since 1984, with a big interest for sound and music production. In the past ten years Per have been focusing on commissions as a composer, sound designer, and innovator, in various experimental electronic projects.
Per have been composing pieces for multichannel surround systems, music for art, video art and live performance.

Iréne Sahlin, born 1972
Composer and sound artist who likes getting into new untried projects. Active in electro-acoustic music and live electronics. Often combines sound and light in a creative symbiosis. Constantly involved in new projects, often in connection with other art forms.