Ion Trails (Cloud Chamber Storms)

Program Notes
The percussion performance drives the live computer-processed sound layers, leaving traces of the original material as it undergoes sonic change and eventual information decay. The score indicates set introductory and concluding gestures, with interior sections containing several related gestures. The gestures in a given section can be performed in any order, including repetition and omission. The performer is invited to modify or improvise within any gesture, and to also respond to the computer music as it occurs. The Kyma environment generates real-time modification and resynthesis of the percussion music. Both environments relate to, are affected by, and respond to each other, resulting in a unique realization for each performance.

Biographical Sketch
Brian Belet lives in Campbell, California, with his partner and wife Marianne Bickett. Here he composes, hikes, and tends to his fruit trees and roses. He performs with the SoundProof ensemble (Patricia Strange, violin, and Stephen Ruppenthal, trumpet/flugelhorn). To finance this real world he works as Professor of Music at San Jose State University.