Program Notes
The inspiration for this acousmatic miniature comes from a merging of literal and selective interpretations of the term “Klangfarbenmelodie”, a musical technique which adds color, texture, and timbral changes to a melodic line by dividing the notes among several different instruments. These divisions give a sporadic evolution to the way that the melody can be perceived by the listener. In one sense, the element of a continual evolution of sound adds a progression to this piece. On the other hand, in my experience the term has also been the subject of inquiry simply for the way that it can be heard by non-German-speaking ears. The sounds in the piece also play upon the division of the word into shorter, purely-aural units: “Klang”, and “Farben”. These have been freely associated with the piece’s musical devices, which are based purely upon my own imaginative perceptions of how those words can be heard.

Biographical Sketch
Steve Sachse writes and performs music from a number of diverse areas of interest including traditional and contemporary forms of classical and jazz styles, American roots music, electronic and electro-acoustic mediums, and various experimental and improvisational styles. The focus of his recent activities has been directed at community outreach and interdisciplinary collaborations in both local and national settings. Originally from southeastern Missouri, Steve attended Missouri State University in Springfield, Mo., where he received his undergraduate degree in music composition in 2008, and where he also worked for a number of years as a local jazz musician and guitar instructor. He will receive a master’s degree in composition from the University of Colorado in December of 2012.

Recent awards, performances, and collaborations include CoCoCo 2012, a 2012 masterclass with the Jack Quartet, the Playground Ensemble, the Tesla Quartet, the Missouri Piano Project, the Flatirons Brass, the 2011 Exchange of Midwestern Composers, a 2012 grant from Meet the Composer, the Ted Manning Commissioning Award, honorable mention in the 2011 Edward Levy Commissioning Prize, a 2013 reading with the International Contemporary Ensemble, and co-organizing the 2013 International SuperCollider Symposium in Boulder, CO.