Program Notes
Calliphora is a beautifully misleading word which refers, not to an idyllic fantasy island set on crystal blue waters, but the genus of the common Blowfly. Using the numerology of the Flies life cycle and computer generated sounds which aim to mimic the sonifications of these insectoid organisms, Calliphora is a segmented work of alien sounds in a familiar environment. As if under the microscope, studied from various angles, this work attempts to find beauty and interest in a subject most find abhorrent. Calliphora was written for another striking and misunderstood phenomenon, the bass recorder.
Flies are still gross, though.

Biographical Sketch
Biography 2012

Born in Sydney, Australia in 1983. Mark started composing at an early age with recognition of his work in performances by Australian national orchestras including: Darwin Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Victoria. Works also performed by the Sydney Eclectic Composer Society, BIT20, The Juventas Ensemble, Nexas Sax, the Song Company, Pictures on Silence, and Chronology Arts.

Active in the International New Music and Computer Music community Mark’s music has been performed at the 3rd international workshop for Young Composers of Latvia (2006), the 45th International Festival Of Stresa, Italy (2006), Australasian Computer Music Conference (2008-2011), the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (2011), LaTex (2010-2011) and Sonic Rain (2011).

Mark holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition (first class Honours) from the University of Sydney and a Master of Computer Music, Composition from Indiana University. Currently, Mark is working towards his Ph.D at the University of North Texas. He has studied with renowned composers Michael Smetanin, Mary Finsterer, Luca Francesconi, Klas Torstensson, John Gibson, Don Freund, Andrew May, Joseph Klein and Jon Nelson.