Colorful Movements

Program Notes
Colorful Movements features four short experimental pieces. The first movement, Metronomic Hommage, explores synchronization by simultaneously starting 40 metronomic boxes set to different tempi. The second movement, Additives, explores timbral transformation. Each timbre is visually represented by mapping the composite waveform onto a circle. The third movement, Partial Imitation, is a quasi-fugue whose imitation is based on partial numbers. The last movement, Polypartials, features translucent, embedded spheres each with a different color, pitch, and beat duration, which correspond to a partial in the harmonic series resulting in a visual and aural representation of the ratios of the harmonic series.

Biographical Sketch
As a military brat Ryan Olivier grew up in the southern United States. Upon graduation from Loyola University New Orleans, he journeyed north to study at Temple University in Philadelphia where he is currently a doctoral student studying with Maurice Wright. His electro-acoustic work has been featured at Miami’s 12 Nights Festival, Pennsylvania State University’s Crosscurrents Festival, Temple University’s Cybersounds Concert Series, the Society of Composers, Inc. Regional Conference, the New York City Electro-acoustic Music Festival, the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States National Conference, and the International Computer Music Conference.