Copenhagen Wheel

Program Notes
A Copenhagen Wheel is a “smart” attachment for the rear bicycle wheel that stores the energy created when pedaling and braking the bicycle. This energy can then be harnessed to give the bicycle an extra boost of energy when pedaling up a hill or whenever the rider needs a little extra help around town. Data from the Copenhagen Wheel is sent to your smart phone that includes distance, speed, calories burned and a number of other bits of information. This type of technology is far distant from the days of taping playing cards to the frame of a bicycle in order to get just a bit of sound as you rode around town. The ideas for Copenhagen Wheel come from the thought that our basic technologies found just a few decades ago have tremendously changed into objects that are implemented into our everyday lives. The transition from creating just a few sounds from a bicycle’s spokes to a bicycle giving us real information is expressed in the choice of cardboard boxes and live electronics. Cardboard boxes are also used to represent the basics of our technology while the electronics that are manipulated in real-time represent the immersion of technology into simple, everyday objects.

Biographical Sketch
Zach Zubow’s compositions have been featured on numerous new music conferences and festivals throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Zach was named regional winner in the 2011 SCI/ASCAP Student Composition Commission Award for his string quartet, Sundown, which has also won the 2012 College Music Society Mid-Atlantic Composition Award. He was also the 2011 first prize recipient for the Five College Composition Competition hosted by the University of Massachusetts for his alto saxophone and percussion duo, Rounded Angles and first prize winner of the 2012 College Music Society Southern Region’s Composition Competition for his piece for found percussion titled Hiking the Cascade Creek Trail. As well as composing, Zach has presented his research regarding beat class transformations in Ligeti’s Étude No. 4, Fanfares, from Ligeti’s first book of études that will be published in the online journal, Proceedings, for the New Music Festival at the University of Central Missouri. A new CD of works produced by ABLAZE Records titled “Millennial Masters Series” was released in October 2011 that features Nebulae for flute and tape performed by Dr. Rebecca Ashe. Zach has received degrees from Luther College, Illinois State University and is now pursuing a PhD in music composition at The University of Iowa. For more information please visit (If this piece is not chosen for Andrew Spencer, I can provide a performer.)