The Broken Harp

Program Notes
The Broken Harp (2011)
For comb and Max/Msp
This piece is part of a larger project, which involves a research in sounds that are just above the human hearing threshold. For this piece, I use a comb as primary source of sound. This is processed in real time using Max/Msp. The signal process is limited to keep the sound qualities of the comb, as it slowly becomes the self-accompaniment. As the piece evolves, a more complex texture is built.

Biographical Sketch
Native from Mexico, Valeria Jonard is a composer residing in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She studies her master’s degree at Western Michigan University. Valeria received her bachelor´s degree in 2009 at the “Conservatorio de las Rosas” in Morelia, Mexico. Her recent interest focuses in combining different technologies and sources of sound in order to create “Sound Sculptures.” In 2011 she was awarded with the FONCA scholarship (National Fund for Culture and Arts) considered one of the most important supporting grants for young artists in Mexico. She is the composition Graduate Assistant at W.M.U.