Program Notes
Velo is a fixed media piece composed entirely of sounds from a bicycle or sounds that might be heard while riding a bicycle in a rural setting. The piece sends the listener on a journey through a soundscape that begins in a quite literal fashion but as the piece progresses, the sounds become more and more abstract. The calm development section represents that moment during a vigorous workout when the body’s endorphins have kicked in and the rider feels as if time has slowed down and is completely isolated from the rest of the world. Eventually the listener is transported back into reality, only to find that it is not the same reality that he departed from. Things seem different. Everything seems backwards which leaves the listener to question if the original reality was the "true" reality, or is this new one the correct reality.

Biographical Sketch
Short curriculum: Composer and conductor David Ikard is currently persuing a DMA in composition from the University of Oklahoma. Mr. Ikard has been featured at new music festivals and his music has been performed by ensembles across the U.S. as well as abroad. Composition teachers include Marvin Lamb, Konstantinos Karathanasis, Kim Archer and David Maslanka among others.