Cracked Hemispheres Devour Derelict Coasts

Program Notes
The piece plays with balance and cohesion. Dense sound fields composed of interrelated objects of different sizes and forms gather and coalesce. Broad dissolving landscapes with unstable temporal patterns create strained agglomerations of sound. Asymmetrical constructions transmute into interwoven layers as abstracted deletions. Structures are continually broken open loosening the contours and varying the articulations. Uncertain alignments fragment the details and reconfigure the margins.

Biographical Sketch
Larry Matthew Gaab (b. 1950) is a native of the United States where he creates music at his studio in Chico, California. His body of works are for tape alone and for mixed acoustic and electronic instruments. The pieces utilize improvisation, composition, and computer generation. His works have been selected at electro acoustic festivals and concerts in the United States and in Europe.