Animal Opus (2011)

Program Notes
Animal Opus (2011) for tape celebrates the richness of sounds found in nature, and especially those produced by animals. It all began with my wanting to capture the personalities and voices of my family's many cats, and then I decided to visit the San Antonio Zoo where I discovered the fascinating sounds of flamingos. I approached the chosen animal samples as studies, altering and processing some more than others or not at all. I hope Animal Opus will open ears and help listeners experience a part of our world in a fresh way.

Animal Opus (2011)
1. Flamingo Excitement
2. Miau Mixtur 1
3. Frog Nocturne
4. Miau Mixtur 2
5. Horse Nocturne
6. Miau Mixtur 3
7. Epilogue

Biographical Sketch
Yvonne Freckmann is a composer, performer and avid promoter of new music. Her passion is collaborating on projects with her friends and colleagues, as a composer and pianist, and sharing stories and experiences through music. She spent the summer of 2012 at Brevard Music Center doing just that. Currently, she is pursuing a composition master's degree at the University of Louisville as a Bomhard Fellow, studying with Drs. Marc Satterwhite (composition) and Krzysztof Wolek and Allison Ogden (computer music). She earned her B.M. in Piano Performance and Composition from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas in 2010, where her principal teachers were Dr. Carolyn True (piano), and Dr. Timothy Kramer (composition). Her first electroacoustic composition, Remember From Womb You Came (2008) has been performed at the 2011 Electrogals Festival: Gals Gone Wired, the 2008 SCI Student National Conference, and the 2009 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, where she was the youngest participant. She also enjoys playing accordion and swing dancing. For more information visit