Program Notes
water is loosely based on one movement of a larger stereo work, Blindness, composed for the NYC dance company Collective Body Dance Lab in the spring of 2012. In turn, the movement from Blindness was inspired by an earlier electro-acoustic work entitled Turning the Tide. For me, the addition of the simple rhythmical elements to the earlier material has provided a very interesting insight into my own work. Mostly motivated by the dancers and the choreographer, the construction of these elements allowed me to perceive my own work through the perceptions of others in a way I had not previously experienced. Consequently, this has motivated the very interesting process of re-engineering the new material with the older material in the "original" quadrophonic format.

Biographical Sketch
Originally an orchestral French Horn player hailing from Indiana, Tony has spent most of the last 20 years freelancing in live theatre as a composer and sound designer. His work has been heard on stages and at festivals across the country and internation- ally. He completed his undergraduate work at Ball State University, received a Master's in Computer Music and New Media from Northern Illinois University and is currently pursuing a doctorate in Music Composition at the University of Illinois.